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About Delisted 2023

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Through communal, creative exploration, intention, and attention, Delisted 2023 brings us into proximity with the members of the 32 species and subspecies of nonhuman and more than human beings that were removed from the endangered species list because the Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA/NMFS have concluded they are extinct.  


Delisted 2023 also comes close in to the two species that the Fish and Wildlife Service proposed for removal but then withdrew from before finalizing the decision because they received new information indicating they may not be extinct or enough conflicting information to require more time for the Service to decide whether or not to delist the species. ​The artist participants co-create with these species. They provide us the means to wonder, care, and mourn them, and to feel our kinship to these beings that may no longer cohabit this earth with us.

Delisted 2023 is the poems and stories, essays, images, and ceremonies, moments of quiet and ways to be with the of the more than human beings that were once, may still be, are, or are no longer with us now, in this moment in time.

Delisted 2023 asks:

How do we attend to the more than human others when we encounter them at a point beyond precarity?

How do we attend to our own grief and each other in this particular moment?


In doing so, how do we find beauty and joy?


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